The Beerhive Pub in Downtown Salt Lake City

Beerhive Pub on Main Street in Salt Lake City, UtahLast night I had the opportunity to visit the Beerhive Pub in Downtown Salt Lake City. After attending the Jazz vs. Trailblazers game at the Energy Solutions Arena (Jazz Lost) A friend and I took the Trax over to Main Street and ended up at Beerhive.

This was actually my first experience at a beer bar so needless to say I was a little overwhelmed by the huge selection of beers. I ended up going with something I knew well (Roosters Honey Wheat).

My friend and I sat out on the front patio of Beerhive which was fun because it puts you right out on main street with all the pedestrian traffic. If you’re a people watcher like I am then the patio at this pub is a good choice.

Overall the atmosphere at this pub was great and I enjoyed the crowd. Additionally Beerhive also offers a nice food menu. We ordered a couple of entrees and I really enjoyed the taste.

The only complaint I have about Beerhive was the service. While the waitresses were friendly, It took them awhile to show up and take our orders. It took them even longer to return to check on us for refills, which was a little frustrating. But overall it was a good experience and I’d definitely return. Main Street is one of the most enjoyable areas of Downtown Salt Lake City, so having a beer pub right on main is nice.

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